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Measure for Measure

Directed by Michael J. Arndt

Measure for Measure, is believed to have been written around 1603, and is still considered a comedy, which can be misleading. It is also considered a particularly "dark" comedy for its bitterness and cynicism. Also called Shakespeare’s problem play, it brings up a difficulty and then seeks to solve it. The play deals with issues of mercy, justice, and truth and their relationship to pride and humility. Characters act on their beliefs and never really consider the options. A typical convention for Shakespeare, the play is filled with secret identities and a lot of manipulation.

June 26-28, July 2-3, 5 and July 10-12, 2015

Richard III

Directed by Ryan Lee

Richard III, one of Shakespeare’s great historical plays, will make its return to the Festival stage this summer. Written around 1592, Richard III depicts the Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of Richard II of England. It is the second longest play in the canon and is often performed with an abridged version.

July 17-19, July 24-26, and July 31, August 1-2, 2015