Past Productions

Year Production Director(s)
2018 Othello Ryan Lee
2018 The Two Noble Kinsmen Elizabeth Swain
2017 Julius Caesar  John C. Slade
2017 Love's Labour's Lost Kevin P. Kern
2016 A Midsummer Night's Dream Brett Elliot
2016 Henry V Michael J. Arndt
2015 Measure for Measure Michael J. Arndt
2015 Richard III Ryan Lee
2014 Twelfth Night Kevin P. Kern
2014 Antony and Cleopatra John C. Slade
2013 The Tempest Michael J. Arndt
2013 Hamlet Brett Elliott
2012 Much Ado About Nothing Kevin P. Kern
2012 Romeo and Juliet Brett Elliott
2011 The Taming of the Shrew Jan Powell
2011 The Merchant of Venice Michael J. Arndt
2010 The Comedy of Errors Kevin P. Kern
2010 The Winter's Tale Susan Angelo
2009 Macbeth Michael J. Arndt
2009 All's Well That Ends Well Brett Elliott
2008 As You Like It Kevin P. Kern
2008 King Henry IV John C. Slade
2007 The Two Gentlemen of Verona Marc Silver and Derek Medina
2007 King Lear Michael J. Arndt
2006 A Midsummer Night's Dream Lane Davies
2006 Othello Michael J. Arndt
2005 Richard III Jeff Combs
2005 The Merry Wives of Windsor Allan Hunt
2004 King Henry V John C. Slade
2004 Love's Labour's Lost Michael J. Arndt
2003 Julius Caesar Allan Hunt
2003 Twelfth Night Susan Angelo
2002 The Tempest Michael J. Arndt
2002 Much Ado About Nothing Allan Hunt
2001 Hamlet David Ellenstein
2001 As You Like It Michael J. Arndt
2000 Taming of the Shrew Allan Hunt
2000 Romeo and Juliet Michael J. Arndt
1999 Macbeth Michael J. Arndt
1999 Comedy of Errors Allan Hunt
1998 A Midsummer Night's Dream Lane Davies
1998 The Two Gentlemen of Verona Michael J. Arndt
1997 A Midsummer Night's Dream Lane Davies